2nd Chance For Christmas


2nd Chance for Christmas Synopsis: In this modern-day adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, spoiled 21st-century pop star Chance Love attempts to maintain her emotionally guarded worldview in the face of a psychological onslaught from three Christmas spirits. Starring:  Brittany Underwood (The Bay, One Life To Live) Tara Reid [...]

3 Christmas Wishes


3 Christmas Wishes Synopsis When 12 year old, Cyrus Reynolds, gets on the wrong bus and ends up lost in a part of town he's not familiar with he accidentally stumbles into one of Santa Clause's secret workshops. For centuries people have wondered how Santa gets everywhere when the truth he's always just [...]

Bye Bye Christmas


Bye Bye Christmas Synopsis After a frustrated television host, Anna McWilliams, exclaims she hates Christmas and wishes it never existed, she wakes up to her wish granted.   The unexpected consequences including her fiancé becoming sleazy pick up artist, quickly turn her wish into a living nightmare. Anna must find the real reason [...]