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DeInstitutionalized: Escape the madness, Remain yourself and Do what you love.



While working together in various capacities on over fifty film projects two friends, desiring to escape a bit of the hollywood madness to create feature films entirely of their own, founded DeInstitutionalized LLC. Under the moniker, the pair have notched numerous awards for the company’s feature films and have provided production services to some of the biggest companies in the independent feature film business. Despite DeInstitutionalized’s rapid growth, these humble friends remain committed to delivering quality scripted entertainment, keeping the dollars on the screen while delivering each project on time and on budget. 

DeInstitutionalized: escape the madness, remain yourself and do what you love. We are DeInstitutionalized.  Thank you for your interest!



Christopher Ray – Co-Founder

Chris was literally born into show business. He spent his first day on a set at the age of 5 and pretty much never left until he joined the US Navy IMG_6441at age 19. Even in his seven years of military service he found a set, of sorts, serving as a photomate. Since leaving the military Chris has returned home to the film industry. He’s produced thirty films, winning two Burbank International Film Festival Best Film Awards (2013 – House is Not a Home, 2014- Mercinaries) and two Telly Awards in the process. He’s directed fifteen films, including six for the SyFy network (Almighty Thor, Mega Shark vs. Crocasaurus, Two Headed Shark Attack,  Three Headed Shark AttackShark Week and MegaShark 4).  He received the 2012 Golden Cob Award as Best Emerging Filmmaker. Chris partnered with Gerald Webb to form DeInstitutionalized and now serves as a full time managing partner of the company.


2 Telly Awards for producing

2012 Golden Cob Award for Best Emerging Filmmaker

2013 Winner Best Feature Film Burbank International Film Festival (A House Is Not A Home)

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0712782/             Twitter: @Tikiterrors


Gerald Webb – Co-Founder

At the behest of director friend, Gerald was asked to help cast a movie for The Asylum Film Studio. Gerald’s experience 11202959_10152962527196631_7070338179069657731_nand solid foundation from performing 100 roles in films and television shows served as the perfect skill set for what the studio was looking for in casting its’ project. In fact, the partners of the company were so impressed with his casting and acting instincts they quickly hired him as their in-house casting director. In 2011 Gerald was promoted to an executive position as the Director of Talent. Over the next four years and in conjunction with his own company, Transformation Films, he was responsible for all star name attachments and overseeing general casting for the studio’s 20+ films per year and television series. He’s the casting guru behind The Asylum’s smash pop culture successes Sharknado 1, 2 and 3. Gerald also cast the series regular and guest star talent for seasons 1 & 2 for the Syfy network series, ZNation. In 2011 Gerald began producing. His producing credits include Hamlet and Hutch with Burt Reynolds, Middle Man with Jim O’Heir and Josh McDermitt, On Angel’s Wings with Robin Givens, Reginald Veljohnson and Bill Cobbs, the television pilot The Clean starring Frankie Muniz, the television pilot She’s Not My Sister directed by Kel Mitchell (Keenan and Kel Show). In 2012 Gerald partnered with Christopher Ray to form DeInstitutionalized and now serves as a full time managing partner of the company.


2011 Looney Award for Best Supporting Actor

2011 Golden Cob Award for Best Rising B Movie Actor

2013 Nominated Burbank International Film Festival Best Actor

2013 Winner Best Feature Film Burbank International Film Festival (A House Is Not A Home)

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2230938/

Twitter: @GeraldWebb

Facebook: http://facebook.com/theGeraldWebb


DeInstitutionalized Films

Twitter: @DeInstitutional

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Deinstitutionalized